Triple Pay Program

Triple Pay is Western Funding’s unique program that gives dealers the opportunity to build a portfolio of accounts and share in the profits of each deal. The program gives the dealers three (3) opportunities to receive payments on the same contract.
Dealerships maximize their profits by earning 81% of every customer payment

Get Paid 3 Times With Triple Pay!

  1. An initial, competitive, up-front advance.
  2. Upon closing a 50-deal pool, an Express Dealer Check (EDC) equal to 25% of dealer’s equity based on expected collections.
  3. Once WFI has recouped its initial advances, the dealer receives payment streams at a rate of 81% of remaining collections.

Program Description

Western Funding’s Triple Pay Program is geared towards the non-prime borrower unable to access traditional lending credit because of the age of the vehicle being financed or the customer’s employment and credit history. In making credit decisions regarding the assignment of a contract from a dealer, the Company considers the borrower (residence, income, employment status, credit history), the vehicle (make, model, mileage) and the deal structure (down payment, term, APR, LTV) through its proprietary risk scoring model.

Western Funding Inc. finances used vehicles up to 15 years in age with sales prices ranging from $5,000 to $30,000. Customers will typically make down payments, in the form of cash or trade-in, equal to at least 10% (or $1,000) of the purchase price. The balance of the purchase price plus taxes, title fees and, if applicable, GAP or extended service contracts are financed. Installment contract terms typically range from 12 to 72 months at origination, averaging 48 months. The Company’s loan receivables carry an average contract annual percentage rate (APR) of 23%. Western Funding typically makes advances on contracts from dealers with an up-front check in the amount of 60% - 93% of the amount financed.

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