Western Funding Announces Milestone Second Payments to Two Triple Pay Dealers

September 08, 2015
Western Funding, Inc. is proud to announce its first two dealers to receive their second payment as part of its Triple Pay program.
Vegas Valley Motors is the first dealership to receive its second payment in the amount of $25,000. “Vegas Valley Motors’ dedication to grow and expand relies on the additional profits from our Western Funding portfolio,” said Grayson Cox, owner of Vegas Valley Motors. “By placing customers who are more likely to perform in our portfolio, we have been able to earn additional profits on every deal we fund.”
Guerin Senter (right), President of Western Funding, pictured with Grayson Cox (left), owner of Vegas Valley Motors.
The second dealership, Hollywood Preowned, received a $15,000 second payment. “Trusting Western Funding’s strong servicing is the key to our partnership,” said owner of Hollywood Preowned, Trey Bealls. “As a partner, we are responsible for sending Western Funding good performing paper and Western Funding is responsible for servicing each loan. So far, our partnership is paying off for both of us.”
Triple Pay is Western Funding Inc’s (WFI) unique program that gives dealers the opportunity to build a portfolio of accounts and share in the profits of each deal. The program gives the dealers three (3) opportunities to receive payment on the same contract. Dealerships maximize their profits by earning up to 50% of the interest collected and the entire principal as the customer makes payments.
The success of the Triple Pay program has helped Western Funding Inc. recently cross the $100 million milestone for the first time in its existence. Automotive dealerships interested in building a Triple Pay portfolio with Western Funding are encouraged to call Western Funding directly at 702.322.9951.
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